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Our co-founder Aaron Blaser has returned to his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota to continue the development of Curioso in the States.


Curioso began at Kalu Yala; a company that is attempting to build the world's most sustainable modern town. As a part of the business incubator, Curioso developed as a social business model to serve coffee while giving back to the land and the community.


We owe a lot to this community and jungle space but we have left our founding location in order to share our ideals of sustainability to our customers in the states and develop our skills/knowledge. 


We will be using this time to test small-scale wholesale operations locally in Minnesota while honing our skills and knowledge of coffee. We will also be continuing our market research and investment in our operations.

If our plans of a mobile pop-up continue to develop, we hope to be traveling and spreading coffee love soon!

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