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Organica is, you guessed it, our organic / Fair Trade offering. A small sub-section of electronic music, Organica (also known as Tribal House) is a genre that draws inspiration from music cultures from around the world, specifically native and indigenous instruments and music. Like the music, this genre will tend to rotate and feature different coffees from a range of countries. 


Our current offering is a mix of Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica varieties and is sweet with tart, winey acidity, jammy berry, and cocoa flavors. It is sourced from the Women Coffee project with Lima Coffees. This project puts a price premium paid directly to the contributing women farmers for each lot. Lima Coffees, located in Jaen, Peru, brings together 110 coffee-growing families led by women, heads of their groups. relatives and representatives of their own farms. 

This program was born with the purpose of motivating coffee growers, and future generations of women, to empower themselves and take the initiative to improve their quality of life, to excel and make a sustainable life based on agriculture, reaching their full potential in the areas in which they wish to develop, having as a starting point the production of sustainable coffee. This organization seeks to provide the necessary tools to make this possible.


There’s a workgroup made up of 2 representatives of the group of associated women of Lima Coffee

  • Representante – Isabel Paz Correa – Zona: Chirinos
  • Secretario – Olga Calle Chumacero – Zona: Ihuamaca

100% of the premiums go toward the women of the two groups, with 70% earmarked to help organize the group, and the other 30 percent to develop a program for empowerment of women at work, a program for economic development, savings and investment, a program of leadership development and leadership training, and a program for comprehensive well-being and gender equality.


Suggested Artists: Clozee, Satori, Sabo, Goldcap


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