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It's tough starting and running a small independent business. In addition to the many hurdles that come with entrepreneurship, it's often difficult to access early funding that's critical to improving and growing what we do.

We're actively pursuing funding from other traditional sources but we believe the best place to turn is... YOU, the Curioso community

Maybe you love our coffee beans or just adore the drinks we mix up. Perhaps you love the music we host or all the local products we use.


Whatever the reason, you want to support Curioso and the world we're trying to create through coffee, localism, sustainability, and music.

Make a one-time payment and help Curioso grow in these early years. and get rewarded for it!


Mug Club is membership program created by Curioso in which individuals can purchase a membership that provides monthly in-store benefits such as a free hot/cold brew and coffee beans. Members are provided with a personal membership card that has a calendar and list of benefits and is used to record if/when benefits have been redeemed. 

Benefits for all membership levels! 

  • Free hot brew or cold brew per month

  • Free coffee beans

    • Each level supplies you with varying amounts pf coffee depending on the membership level

  • eNewsletter 

    • Updates on Curioso

    • Announcements on new drinks and offerings 

    • Upcoming events and shows at CCB and other local venues ​

  • Private member parties / shows 

  • And more benefits in the future!

    • Early access for ticketed shows

    • Early access to content 

Curioso Mug Club Membership

  • Bronze

    3-Year Membership
    Valid for 3 years
    • Receive up to 2 quarts of coffee beans per month
  • Silver

    5-Year Membership
    Valid for 5 years
    • Receive up to 2 quarts of coffee beans per month
    • Curioso Merch: Sticker
  • Gold

    Lifetime Membership
    • Receive up to 2 quarts of coffee beans per month
    • Curioso Merch: Mug + Sticker
  • Platinum

    Lifetime Membership
    • Receive up to 5lbs of coffee beans per month
    • Curioso Merch: Shirt + Mug + Sticker
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