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How it works

As Curioso grows and develops, so does the way business operates. At the moment, there is only one way to order: via Curioso Local 

Curioso Local is our service to the areas of Minneapolis closest to us. Its mission is to supply our local community with high-quality, responsibly-sourced coffee and craft beverages as simply as possible. 

1. Order Online & Pay

Place your order and select a time/date when you would like to receive it. You may choose to pay online or in-person when the order is handed off. 

2. Receive Your Order

Your order is delivered to your residence, handed directly to you or dropped off at your entryway. 


3. Restock + Return 

Once you're running low, just return to the website to place another order! Like it was with the milkman of olden times, place your empty jars and bottles outside and they'll be exchanged for new, full ones.

Before you place your next order, fill out the intake form below for a more personalized experience!

We want to know the customers we serve and this helps us better understand your personal coffee preferences. 

YOU ONLY HAVE TO FILL THIS FORM OUT ONCE (unless your information has changed)

Are you recurring customer?

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