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  • What’s the meaning behind the name, Curioso?
    Curioso, the Spanish word for curious, was chosen when the business first began in Panama. Curiosity is a mindset that we strive to apply to all aspects of our business and inspire within the communities we serve.
  • Cool logo! What's the significance?
    The logo honors Curioso's roots and inspirations; some of the elements might be missed at first glance. - The hat is a Sombrero Pintao, a traditional hat worn in rural Panama, an ode to the campesinos and Panamanian culture I worked alongside everyday and deeply respected. - The monocle is comprised of a coffee stain, a call-out to our love of and focus on coffee. - The moustache is made up of a pair of leaves, a reference to our focus sustainability awareness and the low-impact operations we aspire to acheive.
  • How can I get your coffee? Can I get it delivered?
    You can order online or stop by the cafe at 3001 Hennepin Ave S to see what we have on-hand. We deliver direct-to-door for a number of MPLS zip codes and can also ship anywhere in the continental US!
  • Where are you located?
    Curioso Coffee Bar is located on Hennepin Ave in Uptown, Minneapolis at 3001 Hennepin Ave S, inside the west atrium entrance of the Seven Points Mall.
  • When is Curioso Coffee Bar open?
    Monday through Friday 7am - 3pm Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pm
  • I hear you host live music...?
    Yes we do! On the weekends, we host live music from local bands and musicians at the coffee bar. You can see a list of the upcoming shows on our events calendar. Interested in playing at the coffee bar? Reach out to Luke Hofland at for more info!
  • Are you hiring?
    We're currently not seeking additional crew members but we'd love to get your contact info and past work experience. Send over any relevant info to and we'll be sure to reach out if any opportunities come up!
  • When will I receive my order?
    For local subscriptions, we deliver on Fridays... don't forget to leave out your empty jars for us to pick up! For shipped subscriptions, we ship out your order on Friday. You should receive a confirmation email and tracking number once we've sent it off.
  • I'm going out of town and would like to pause my subscription... how do I do that?
    Please email us at with the dates you'll be out of town and we will adjust our delivery schedule accordingly. You will be reimbursed for any orders you don't receive via whichever payment processing method you used.
  • I'm not going through much coffee right now... and I'm a little broke... can I suspend my subscription?
    Absolutely. Just email us at and we'll mark your subscription as suspended. Then once you're ready to resume, just reach out again and we'll pick right back off where you left off!

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